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    This shirt is not just a fashion statement, it's a declaration of victory. The Deuces Golf Polo features lucky dice, bold palm trees, and the iconic deuces symbol that will leave you celebrating your walk-off birdie chip in style. Luck has nothing to do with it when you're looking this good. So roll the dice, make a statement, and say "Deuces" to the competition.
    Material: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
    Player: Deuces
    Golf Handicap: Unknown (but definitely not high)
    Favorite Song: All I do is Win by DJ Khaled
    Bio: Deuces is the wild card of the golf course, and not just because of his tendency to throw up a deuce after teeing off. He's a free spirit who plays the game with gusto, often taking risks and trying outlandish shots just for the fun of it. But don't let his goofball attitude fool you - he's got some serious game.
    Strengths: Deuces fearless approach to the game sometimes pays off big time. He's got a wicked slice, which he's managed to turn into an advantage by using it to his advantage on dogleg holes. His short game is also top-notch, with a finesse and touch that often surprises his opponents.
    Weaknesses: Deuces biggest weakness is probably his concentration (or lack thereof). He can get easily distracted by the sights and sounds of the golf course - birds chirping, squirrels running around, you name it - and forget to focus on his game. His putting can also be a bit of a wild card, with some putts that look like they're going in but end up veering off course at the last second.
    Career Highlights:
    ▪ Winner of the 2022 "Most Fun to Watch Award
    ▪ Shot a hole-in-one...on the wrong hole
    ▪ Once accidentally hit his own golf cart with a tee shot
    Driver: Big Bertha (not the latest model, mind you)
    Irons: Hand-me-downs from his uncle
    Wedges: Dollar-store specials
    Putter: A homemade contraption he put together from spare parts and some duct tape